About Us

30 years ago, the Canadian Senator Pietro Rizzuto was looking to invest in a family business in Mexico which, more so than only wanting a successful business, he was committed to contributing to the overall development of its surrounding environment. Thus, in 1982, he purchased the property in Nuevo Vallarta that two years later would be inaugurated as the first Marival hotel, a pioneer of the high-end All-Inclusive concept in the area with an authentic “Homey Feeling”.

While his hotel was growing, Mr. Rizzuto collaborated to promote the development of Riviera Nayarit in permanent ways. This spirit is still alive in the company inherited by his son Mr. Alfonso Rizzuto, who also works towards helping the surrounding communities and actively participating in the conservation of the environment through the Eco Marival program.

This philosophy has been reflected in the constant growth of the company whilst developing quality hotels. Currently, the company owns three hotels: Marival® Emotions Resort & Suites, Marival® Distinct Luxury Residences, and Marival® Armony Luxury Resort & Suites.

All the properties are family-oriented, with bedrooms and spaces ideal to integrate them and with many accommodation options that can accommodate the different needs for space, privacy and comforts. Also, our culinary offer is very attractive, and we offer access to a variety of activities so that everyone has an unforgettable experience. We are the place where everyone wants to come back to.

We are a solid and expert team with industry know-how providing an authentic "Homey Feeling" and a personal touch with the guests. Aware that excellence requires consistent work and effort, we are continually seeking innovation within hotel concepts that are focused on people, always respecting and cherishing the tradition and vocation that brought us here. That is why we surprise you with much more than you expect, every time.