Executive Chef


"Start your day with coffee, finish it with a glass of wine"

Throughout his professional career, Chef Alfredo has archived a broad vision of flavors, products and recipes. This great culinary heritage and inexhaustible creativity allow him to constantly generate new dishes, defending the unique character of natural ingredients. The result is reflected in the five different restaurants of Marival® Distinct Luxury Residences, each with its own personality and richness.



Executive Chef Alfredo Jiménez Arrizon

Chef Alfredo, born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, began his career in the kitchen of the Qualton Club & Spa hotel under Chef Abelardo Arrizon, who taught him the basics of the culinary arts.

Taking these teachings with him, he became part of the team of the prestigious Four Seasons chain, located in Punta de Mita; there he developed his culinary skills in different kitchens under Chef Herve Fucho, until reaching the position of Chef of banquets.

Thanks to his passion for cooking, he was promoted within same hotel chain but in Beverly Hills, where he became a restaurant Chef, under the direction of Chef Ashley James.

After a decade of working with the Four Seaons chain, he decided to return to the place where he came from to form the team of professionals who today are in charge of the high-level cuisine that we enjoy at Marival® Distinct Luxury Residences.

Although he has experience with and fuses different cuisines of the world, Chef Alfredo is a proud promoter of Mexican cuisine and always ensures Mexican food is at the top of the culinary offering.