Casual · Beach · Gourmet


Mozzamare is a beachfront gourmet restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner under a large open palapa. Its high-level cuisine is part of the extraordinary All Inclusive plan of Marival® Distinct Luxury Residences Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit.

The signature luxury of Marival® Distinct Luxury Residences has arrived at Nuevo Vallarta’s beach, Riviera Nayarit with Mozzamare, a beachfront gourmet restaurant. Here you will enjoy high-level gastronomy and signature cocktails in an unbeatable setting.

Nothing like a delicious breakfast by the sea to start the day with renewed energy. Under its large outdoor palapa, this gourmet restaurant offers sweet, nutritious options, traditional breakfasts and Mexican dishes (the breakfast service is not part of the All Inclusive program).

As of midday, enjoy gourmet specialties prepared using the most select ingredients from the land and the sea. It also has a beach and pool menu that offers delicious snacks and casual food, which can be brought to the comfort of your Bali bed in front of the luxury pool or on the beach of Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit.





At nightfall, the atmosphere at Mozzamare becomes intimate. Candles and fire pits under the stars create the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. The extravaganza specialties, a variety of steaks of the highest quality and lobster to taste are added to the regular menu (the extravaganza program is not part of the All Inclusive program).

End the evening enjoying exotic signature cocktails by a luxurious fire pit. We have an excellent variety of delicious and refreshing options such as Watermelon Mandarin Cosmo, Absolut Berry Lemonade, Gin & Basil, and cranberry Mojito.



Lay down, enjoy the sun, and get tanned whether on a sun bed or in a private luxury cabana on a Blue Flag certified beach. If you prefer, relax on the edge of an infinity pool contemplating the breathtaking view of the bay.




That’s right, we go beyond your expectations! You will have fun with all the water activities we have such as kayak, boogie board, paddle board, and, if you know how to sail, you can use our hobbie cat. Furthermore, thanks to all the famous people that visit us and the events we hold here, it has become one of the trendiest places in the bay.