Melange World Spa

World Spa in Nuevo Vallarta that offers treatments, massages and therapies in thematic cabins; jacuzzi, wet areas, gym, facials, manicure and pedicure.


Live a complete relaxation experience in the only themed spa of the bay. In Melange World Spa, we give the true meaning to the term "world spa" with exclusive thematic cabins in which the distinctive atmosphere of nine different countries from around the world is faithfully reproduced, generating the perfect scenario for each one of its treatments: the "Shiatsu Experience " from Japan, the "Vendemmia Wine Experience" from Italy, the "Aromatherapy Experience” from Bali, the "Agave Experience" from Mexico...

In addition to these 9 unique experiences, Melange World Spa offers a full menu of services with different facials, massages, therapies and luxury treatments that will revitalize you. Let yourself be wrapped in our distinguished selection of treatments that will transport you to an unprecedented state of relaxation. We also have a manicure and pedicure service provided in comfortable armchairs, outdoor jacuzzi, sauna and high-tech gym.

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If you do not want to interrupt your training program during your vacation, within Melange World Spa you will also find a gym equipped with everything you need to stay in shape. Our coaches are always attentive and provide the advice and support you need. The gym is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. The use of a shirt and sports shoes is mandatory.

Mexico Agave Experience

Center of an ancient cosmos with otherworlds fused
growing in primeval power and energy
opening undiscovered doors to new possibilities

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Italy Vendemmia Wine Experience

Wine flows freely attracting family,
friends and neighbors to remember
that life is only lived in the present

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Japan Shiatsu Experience

Crystal waters cascade on rocks
as spray creates rainbows
Buddha smiles from the shadows

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Turkey Hamam Experience

The life of the bath is the joy of a man’s life
save that time is short for us there to bide
delightful opportunity for renovation of soul and spirit

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Russia Banya Experience

Out of diaphanous heat
arises the desire to once again
live life passionately and completely

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Bali Aromatherapy Experience

Greeting the world with joy in the early
morning just as hailing the oldest
friend or the one just met yesterday

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India Shirodhara Experience

Colors and aromas lead to a nearly
forgotten universe where hands heal
and souls regenerate

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Thailand Traditional Massage Experience

Movement begets movement flowing ever
outward to transform and revitalize
from the interior

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America Ménage Spa Experience

Enter the world of sophistication, glamour,
attitude, style and practicality
like no other

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Sea Escape Facial & Body therapy

Enjoy a magnificent healing experience!

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Aqua Mare Pure Body & Face Revival

Awaken all your senses and emerge totally renewed.

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Men Only wellness & renewal all over

A therapy designed to release stress and leave you as good as new.

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Delightful Escape for you & me

The ultimate romantic experience for you and the one you love.

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Specialty Massage Spa Experience

Singular techniques applied by expert hands.

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Traditional Massage Spa Experience

Your favorite massages taken to another level.

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Body Treatments

Exfoliations, masks and revitalization for your entire body.

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Hands & Feet Treatments

Give them the relief, moisture and softness they deserve.

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