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How to Identify Vacation Scams

Our entire team at Marival Distinct is dedicated to your well-being and relaxation. We want to ensure you have a calming vacation getaway in Nuevo Vallarta, with nothing to stand in the way of you and your family experiencing a high-end escape surrounded by luxury, fun, and beautiful beaches. Currently, there is a concerning trend in which some people impersonate Marival Distinct and offer fake vacation offers on the Internet. Therefore, we are taking extensive measures to secure you and your data from scams.

This guide is one of our efforts to help you easily spot potential vacation offer scams. We strive to provide a trustworthy environment throughout your experience, including your vacation reservation process.

How to identify vacation scams?

1. It´s most likely a scam if you see a low rate that looks too good to be true, a much lower rate than the ones on our website, free airfare, or other free services offered outside our website, travel agencies, or authorized platforms. You can always verify if it´s a trustworthy Marival Distinct affiliate or representative on our official channels:

2. It’s most likely a scam if the same offer is available for travel any time of year, with zero restrictions. Keep in mind that at Marival Distinct, our rates change seasonally because we control our rates and their date availability.

3. It’s most likely a scam if the offer is only available for immediate purchase (when they don’t allow you to leave the phone, review your options, and call back).

4. Marival Distinct’s Agents will never contact you via WhatsApp or text message (SMS). They will always call through our official toll-free numbers or emails to book your stay.

5. It’s most likely a scam if the agent or agency sends you a copy of their confirmation forms, IDs or accommodation contracts trying to imitate our documents. If it’s an authorized and well-established agency, they will send you confirmation directly from Marival Distinct.

6. Before making any payment, request the confirmation number and the methods to verify payment directly with our agents. Other way to verify the identity of the person offering you the package is to request proof of registration in the National Tourism Registry, where all tourism service providers in Mexico must register.

To confirm that you’re booking with an authorized agency, you can call us at our direct numbers:

  • Toll-free MEX 01 800 326 6600
  • Toll-free USA and CAN 1 888 270 4984

7. We recommend that you always ask for a copy of the reservation’s details, including the following information:

  • Proof of reservation that contains the stamp and letterhead of the travel agency with all your identification information
  • Reservation number
  • Hotel name
  • Hotel address
  • Room category
  • Receipt that covers the payment made
  • And how you can contact Marival Distinct directly

8. Don’t fill out forms on social media sites/apps such as Facebook or Instagram. These forms are used to collect your data, which can be used for fraud or to contact you with a fake offer.

9. When booking your Marival Distinct getaway, we recommend that you always use secure networks. Don’t use any open networks or public spaces like coffee shops, airports, internet cafés, or restaurants.

10. If at all possible, we suggest installing plug-ins on your browser that are designed for safe web browsing, like Adware, Malware Bytes, etc.

Please bear these pointers in mind when making reservations for any services that appear to be dubious. If you are uncertain about our contact numbers or websites, please use the ones specified in point 5 to reach out to us.